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Cambridgeport's Future

MIT is starting to think about the future uses of Northwest Campus, which includes several properties in the Cambridgeport neighborhood (click to see). Before making any specific considerations, the Office of Campus Planning commissioned us to conduct an academic planning study and develop scenarios for the future of NW Campus.

We took input about housing, transit, open space, and other key issues from a series of community workshops and stakeholder meetings. We also created this website to collect ideas from residents, employees, and everyone else who calls this neighborhood home. Finally, we applied our urban planning skills to producing two exciting scenarios for Cambridgeport. Our final report synthesizes the priorities of all these diverse stakeholders and offers a pair of bold visions for the future.

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What the Neighbors Are Saying

Check the map below to see what your neighbors are saying about different parts of Cambridgeport. Then pin your own thoughts to the map! We're looking forward to hearing your opinion about the future of the neighborhood.

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Community Workshop Recap

At our first community workshop, we presented our findings from an initial analysis of the area, then engaged residents and other stakeholders in a listening session. We took their input, as well as comments on our interactive map, and went to work thinking about the future of the area.

See Our Workshop Presentation!

At our second meeting, we presented two possible scenarios for the area based on what we heard, and took in additional community feedback to include in our final report.

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About Us

We're Master's students in urban planning at MIT, and this is our semester long project for the fall class 11.360, Community Growth and Land Use Planning. We come from all over the US and abroad, and bring a wide variety of experience. What we have in common is a passion for making the city a great place for everyone, and we've enjoyed working with you to learn about your neighborhood.

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You can still check out what your neighbors said about the neighborhood. Blue icons show the lots owned by MIT; Red icons show community comments. Filter using the selector at left, and move/zoom using the controls.